School-Age/Professional Teams

Aural Habilitation and Cochlear Implants

Alina Mills M.S. CCC/SLP supports children with cochlear implants in school with direct service and training/consultation for school staff and speech-language pathologists.

  • Direct Intervention & Therapy
  • Coaching, Guidance, Training and In-Service for Educational Teams
  • Specialized training for school-based Speech Language Pathologists in Aural Habilitation, Technology and Listening Checks, Auditory Skills/Speech Perception Assessments
  • IEP Development and Evaluation of Auditory and Communication Skills
  • Communication Facilitator training on Technology/Equipment and Language Intervention Strategies
  • Consultation, collaboration and support for audiology appointments
  • Support for specialized needs – visual impairment, additional disabilities, reduced motor abilities, multilingual patients and families

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